Maximizing Your Time for 2 Days in Milan Itinerary

Maximizing Your Time for 2 Days in Milan Itinerary

On our first trip around Europe, we only allocated 2 days in Milan. We arrived to Milan rather late that day from Interlaken, Switzerland, so we went straight to our hostel and didn’t go anywhere after.

It was especially an exhausting day for us because just one hour in, we already caught thieves in action trying to rob us in Milano Centrale Station of Milan. Fortunately, they didn’t manage to take anything for us.

Be cautiously very careful on your arrival, especially if you bring big luggage with you and have Asian tourist face, like us, which probably made us seemed like easy preys.

We realized our time in Milan was short, so we decided to explore the city in just one day and go for a daytrip the other day.

2 Days in Milan – Day 1: A Daytrip to Bellagio

Little did I know that Bellagio was not only a name of a brand, but also a coastal town of Lake Como. There are a lot of tour services going to Bellagio from Milan as a daytrip, but we figured it’d be a nice adventure for us to go there by ourselves.

One of cute alleys in Bellagio

It was a rather easy daytrip from Milan to Bellagio. We just need to go to Verona with a train from Milano Centrale Station. After that, depart to Bellagio with a ferry.

Tips: you can buy a (PP) ticket when you buy the ferry ticket, just to save you time from queuing twice.

It was a small vacation town with crowds, but not that big of a crowd that it’d overwhelmed you. You can easily get around the town from the first step out of the ferry without any maps. The houses were colourful with bright colours and you could see the Como Lake from the heights. Italy is a culinary heaven, and this small town is no exception.

The iconic view of Bellagio, Italy, from the heights
2 Days in Milan – Day 2: A tourist day in Milan

I’m not the type to go out of my way to have architectural tour when I travel, but heck I was in Milan might as well try to do one 🙈. So we did it on the day 2 in Milan!

I remember the iconic cathedral of Milan, Duomo di Milano, was so big from afar. But the closer I get, I was mesmerized by not only how big it was, but how detailed it was.

We didn’t have time to go inside, but we did buy a ticket to go to the rooftop. Some blogs said the rooftop to be empty, but it was nowhere near that line. You couldn’t take a photo without waiting turns in any spots 😂. But even the crowds couldn’t hide how majestic the building with the white-ish gothic style of hundred years was. How could something that big have such fine detailed design and carving on every corner and edge? Like how did they build it?

Tips: come and take the queue before 11AM to avoid big crowds

Milan was somehow overwhelmingly crowded at times, but there was no food to be compared of to Italian food during our time in Europe. I’m telling you, Italian food’s popularity is not overrated. Even the street snacks you find randomly on a street would taste good. Be sure to taste a lot of Italian feasts!

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