About Me

“Write in your diary, just anything” my mom always told me when I was young. I had always complied, but it never lasted for long.

Somehow, though it’s always on-and-off, I found myself writing occasionally. I even made a personal-free-blog when I was in junior high, which I also still use until now, beside this one.

Along with age, the more I write. Call it quarter life crisis with a lot of confusion, I use writing as a coping mechanism. If I can describe my mind, it’s like messed-up threads all over the place (well, who isn’t?). But for me, happiness, sadness, anger, excitement, disappointment, and any emotions you can think of, I needed those to be processed. Writing helps me to untangle the threads. Leading me to a better understanding and perspective of life.

I never thought I would get serious about blogging or even writing itself. My motives are also not unique, but here I am. If my experiences, my reflections, could be a learning not only for me, but also for others, even if it’s just one, this is something that I want to do. I don’t know if I’m good enough, but just like what Gary Vee said,

“Just get your content out!”

(something like that? haha) and here they are~

Who is writing?

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Who am I kidding, right? 😆 My name is Putri Dwi Lestari, an Indonesian girl of millennial generation. By the day I’m a Product Manager, working from anywhere (or at least I hope 🙈), and by night I’m learning to write and blog. An ENFP, which might explain that sometimes I’m just a curious and playful Teletubby, but the other times I’m a thoughtful philosopher. It does sound like a conflict, but aren’t we all humans living in contradictions? (oops 🙊)

So, what’s this blog about?

Well, living life is not easy. Early on my journey (until now!) traveling and reading books have helped me to gain perspectives and mindset. Perspective and mindset will shape how we view the world and, of course, our own life. I believe that with the right view, it can ease us in living the rough path of life.

In other words, yep, I’ll be focusing on traveling and reading books (until somehow I decide otherwise 😆 hehe).

Don’t you think these two correlate each other? While books are the windows to the world, traveling is the act of the journey to experience the world itself. Isn’t it wonderful? We can wander from one perspective to another by traveling and reading books.

Will I do this in the long run? I don’t know about that much, honestly. But one thing I know for sure is I’m the type to follow my curiosity to experience things out there. And as long as I do that, I’ll be writing things down, just to keep my sanity intact, at the very least.

So, let’s just go wander and learn!